August 10, 2010

dumpy mcgee

my apologies.

a certain virus took siege of my throat leaving me

1) in a world of pain

2) feeling like i was going to suffocate

3) drugged on lortab

4) completely without vigor or desire to blog

i hope you understand.

having said that, i was supposed to blog about a picture of me taken over ten years ago.


i must say, i hate the idea of showing the world just how hideous i was.

i already have grace making comments about the pictures she's seen.

but i promised i would do this and i'm not one to break a promise.

so here goes nothing...

if i go down we all go down.

that's me and my siblings and my mother. i'm not sure where my dad is.

i'm not sure why my bangs are half way down my face.

i'm not sure why i spent so many years being so dumpy.

these questions may never be answered.

and that's probably for the better.

pictures like this don't need any more attention than has already been given.



lyrics:to everything there is a season and a time to every purpose, under heaven.


  1. You make me sound like such a grotsky biatch

  2. if the shoe fits...i'm just sayin.

  3. go badge yourself. ax wound.

  4. where the crap was this picture taken??? And wow-for the first time ever Mom looks like Modey....just her face and the shadows.

  5. I do not see Modey, however, I do see I am in desperate need of a bra and an older sister to tell me so. Thanks for nothing....although I do remember at that age I hated them and would take them off and stick them in my pocket, which if examined closely, I may have done so here. Anyhoo, however unfortunate my hair, giant schnoze, and lack of support may be...I think the bowl cut on our dear brother may trump all misfortunes in this picture.