August 7, 2010

the boo box.

decisions, decisions.

today i'm supposed to write about my favorite movie.

but riddle me this:

does anyone actually have a favorite movie?

i mean, really?

i don't think so.

so after putting off this entry all day, i've decided to narrow my "favorite" down to three favorites.

first: newsies

when i was little i would beg my mom to let me rent this movie.

i remember none of my siblings would want to watch it so my mom and i would go watch it together in her room.

at about age 14 i became..slightly..


yes, obsessed with this movie.

it could be due to my incredible lack of friendship at that age, but i promise you i watched this movie every day for an entire school year.

please do not judge.

i'm certain i could quote the entire movie from beginning to end.

i could name every character and point out all of the bloopers they didn't take out.

i know every word to every song.

and, as embarrassing as it is to admit, i could probably do the dances as well.

if i didn't list newsies as one of my all time favorite movies i would deserve to go in the boo box.

which leads me to my next favorite movie.

i highly doubt a day goes by that i don't quote this movie.

the children were screaming!

..i've lost my marbles..

flunk the maggot.

oh! there you are, peter!

these are daily phrases for me.

i love garrett for not only putting up with it, but also for continuing the quote.

if i ever meet someone who hasn't seen this movie, i will judge them.

and then they will watch it with me even if it is against their will.

and they will get over the fact that i will say each line 2 seconds before it's said in the movie.

oh, hook.

what a fantastic movie.

run home, jack.

so. drumroll, please.

the third movie, i admit, i actually hated the first time i saw it in the movie theater.

but i have grown to see the error of my ways and i will proudly state that

mean girls

is one of my very, very favorite movies of all time.

i don't want to have a boring blog and just write blah blah blah crap

so i'll leave it at this:

she doesn't even go here!!

so there are my three favorite movies.

it's a strange brew of cinematic greats, but i think it makes me a well rounded person.

okay, maybe not.


i stand by them.

in other news,

i went to the doctor today.

i don't have strep but i do have the symptoms.

lovely, eh?

and i have a lump the size of an orange in my throat making simple things like

swallowing my own spit

very uncomfortable and difficult.

i slept for most of the day.

and now i am going to go take some tylenol pm and sleep some more.

i hate being sick.



when I dream on my own i'm alone, but I ain't lonely. for a dreamer, night's the only time of day...i aint getting any younger. and before my dying day i want space, not just air. let them laugh in my face. i don't care. save a place. i'll be there

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