August 12, 2010


today i'm supposed to write a letter to my crush.

difficult task since i'm married and all.

and i know everyone has a celebrity crush..

well, everyone except for probably me.

truth is, i think i'm pretty picky when it comes to who i like..

and i didn't have a single crush in high school.

well, at least not on any of the guys i went to high school with..


zero crushes were formed for me within the walls of savannah christian.

and while i find certain celebrities attractive, i wouldn't say i have a crush on any of them.

what do i know about them?


and i guess i'm just one of those weirdos that doesn't just like someone physically.

there has to be much more.

so who do i write this letter to?

well, pull out the crackers, my dears, 'cause i'm bringing the cheese.

i'm going to write to my ultimate crush.

dear husband,

you may not know this, but i have written you quite a few letters.

when i was about 13 i got on this kick where i would write my future husband letters and then save them and one day i would bundle them together and let him read them.

well, i moved rooms in my house at 14 and in that move a lot of things got lost. your letters..

but i still remember some of the things i wrote to you.

i would tell you about my struggles and how i missed you without even knowing who you were.

weird stuff like that, you know?

and even when i was at svu-18 years old-i would write to you in my journal.

and you know what?

sometimes, i would write to you and in the back of my mind i would wonder if it was actually you i was writing to.

sometimes i would think that maybe you were my "dear future husband", mr. garrett wessman.

tender, eh?


dear husband,

i love that you are my husband.

and even though you always, always, always eat my food,

and sometimes you wake me up earlier than i want

i love you more than i can tell you.

and sometimes i write my name with your last name

[like when i sign checks]

and sometimes i watch you while you're doing things

and study the structure of your face and the way your mouth moves.

i love the way you sing "this old man" to wake me up.

i love the way you always put your hands in your pockets when you look in the mirror.

i love when you do 4 different dances.

i love when you pretend to snore.

i love when you call me the goose.

i love it more when you act like the goose.

i love it when you just want to hug me.

i really can't keep going with this because the list would just get ridiculous.

i guess what i'm trying to say is

i'm glad i found you.

and i'm glad i'm yours.

and i'm glad i don't have to write letters to a future husband anymore.

i'm glad i don't have to hurt anymore.

i'm glad i don't have to deal with stupid jerks anymore.

i'm glad i made the decisions i did.

i'm glad we made the decisions we did.

i'm glad we got married where we did.

i'm glad i get to be with you forever.

you're my favorite husband in the whole, wide world.

i hope all is well with you.

i think you're the greatest.

i'm glad it won't be long until i see you again.

because you're sitting right next to me.

jeepers, i love you.

let's be together for ever-deal?

i love you.

i hope you know that completely.



lyrics: quite sure you love me...quite sure i love you too. we should make a verbal agreement to only kiss each other.

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