August 20, 2010


oh...hello again..

since i'm still doing some catching up and since my last post [the recipe post] was fairly lame.

i admit it.

i thought i'd post another one.

contain your excitement.

i'm not sure what the exact meaning of day 12 was, but it said:
day 12: we want to see your teeth today / post a self-portrait.

well what else am i supposed to do other than just that?


while we're on this topic,

i would like to point out that my teeth are tombstone shaped.

give it a looksy and imagine r.i.p engraved on them.


but hey, they got me best smile in high school.

what's up senior superlatives 2006?

show 'em ya grill.

i am so white.

the end.



lyrics: light up your face with gladness, hide every trace of sadness. you'll find that life is still worthwhile-
if you just smile.

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