August 6, 2010

day doo.

today i am supposed to make a bulleted list of every event of my day.

i suppose that is introduction enough.

so i will begin.

Today, I:
-woke up before my alarm to Wally, the dog we occasionally babysit, pushing me even closer to the other side of the bed. as it turns out, Wally is more of a bed hog than i am and being pinned between a furry dog and a furnace-like husband all night can be uncomfortable.

-realized my throat hurt very badly and felt it necessary to try to sleep off the pain until my alarm actually went off.

-officially woke up at 6:30 and headed for the shower.

-stopped for a second and starred at myself in the mirror.

-made the decision that my hair could go another day without being washed

-pushed wally back to his original position

-cuddled on my husband and slept for another 30 minutes

-popped some advil to cure my sore throat

-put on an outfit

-put my hair in a sloppy pony tail

-brushed my chomppers

-kissed garrett and wally goodbye

-drove to work

-set off my car alarm by getting out of my car...i'm unsure of how that works..

-lifted up my skirt to show julie my massive bruise on my thigh

-complained to julie about my sore throat

-pulled food...woohoo

-face-stalked a bit

-ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

-received an invite from miss jenn to be a bridesmaid.

-complained more about my sore throat

-left work

-drove home

-showed garrett the massive bruise on my thigh

-discovered my little brother lost is first tooth

-took a cat nap

-drove to plato's closet with garrett

-became very ill

-ran a fever

-began to feel body aches

-got a check for 83 dollas for garrett's old clothes

-deposited check

-got glitter toes [a pinky/purple color] while still feeling icky

-became too ill to function

-put on winter pajamas

-moaned on the couch for a while

-got a blessing from garrett and scott

-curled up in a blanket and laid in garrett's lap

-watched the bounty hunter between my lapses of short sleeps

-broke a fever

-began to sweat

-brushed my chomppers

-took out my eyeballs

-checked out my massive bruise in the mirror

-decided that tomorrow probably won't be a hair wash day

-got in bed

-made this list

so that's it. not much. sort of pathetic, really.

somewhere in there i ate a can of ravioli.

now i will

-shut the computer

-turn off my lamp

-kiss garrett's little head

-fall asleep

until next time.



lyrics:These roads are paved with plans we've made and your headboards never felt so safe.

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