June 27, 2010

it's gonna happen...happen sometime...

[Tessy, my dear, be proud--i'm updating again!]

a few weeks ago i had a job interview at American Crafts.


the job i was applying for was a dream.

i'd be scrapbooking. as a job.

creating pages and layouts to display the new American Crafts products.

i would also be assisting the graphic designers in designing new products.

quite a gig, right?

i had dreams for a week about getting the job.

i would check my email every 2 minutes. literally.

i prayed and fasted so hard for the job.

not just because it would be nice to have a job with really good pay, but because it would be so fun.
i so badly want a job that i look forward to and that i can make friends at.
it would have been perfect for a ton of reasons.

i found out yesterday i didn't get the job.
there were tears.
to say the very...very least.
it was more like sobs.
i always feel so horrible when i cry like that around garrett.

so i guess it's on to plan Q--whatever that is.

i've applied at so many places.

just not the time, i guess...


in other news:

my canon rebel got fixed and i finally got all of my parts for it back together.

that means no more lame-o pictures for me.

so excited about that.

garrett and i just finished decorating our house so maybe i'll get some pictures up.

i miss glitter toes.

my mom is in africa for the next 3 weeks.

no clue what i'm going to do without her to call.

garre is teaching me to longboard.

and i actually really like it.

you know, as wretched as winters in utah are, summers really are pretty spectacular.

and springville is so quaint and removed from big city hustle and bustle.

it's fun to take an evening ride through the town and get 55cent ice cream cones from sonic.

sometimes i feel like this whole marriage thing is too good to be true.

or like it really is this good but it has an expiration date on it.

like efy.

efy was always amazing and great. but it always came to an end.

i always have to remind myself that this is for real. and that it's forever.

and what an amazing thing that is.

when it hits me--and i mean really hits me...it's indescribable.

so grateful for the temple.

brittany's bridal shower was yesterday.

in my never to be humble opinion, i think it was lots of fun.

i was stressing over the invites i made and i was so worried no one would show up.

but lots of people did and we had a great time.

i ate a lot of chicken salad and cucumbers.


brit tried on her lingerie for everyone.

we were just trying to humiliate her the way we were all humiliated when we had to try it on for her.

i don't think it worked though.

pretty sure she loved it.


i'm glad it all went so smoothly for her.

and i'm glad she had a good time.

i can't believe she gets married so soon.

why do i feel so much older now that she's getting married?

it's weird.

but i'm happy for her.

even if i do feel like an old woman.

i think that's all i have to say.

for now.



lyrics: you gotta swim. swim when it hurts. the whole world is watching-you haven't come this far to fall off the earth. jack's mannequin.


  1. so, I'm an idiot. i JUST NOW figured out what "spray painted" on your blog meant. I'm such a loser!