June 20, 2010

forever to go..

i'm skipping the whole "sorry i'm so bad at keeping up with this" portion of my entry.

the more i apologize the worse i feel when i don't get any better.
that statement is coming across much colder than how i thought it would..
well, remember that whole time i got engaged and i was super pumped and looking forward to the wedding?
well, it came and it went and i am now Mrs. Kate Wessman.
marinate on that one for a minute.
it's strange, huh?
the wedding was beautiful. perfect, actually.
we were married in the San Diego LDS temple on April 17,2010.
i hope the cheese doesn't overwhelm anyone who reads this, but everything about my wedding day was a dream come true.
[well, perhaps i had not always dreamed of a 2 hour drive from San Diego to Palm Springs wearing an unbelievably constricting dress.]
but the weather was perfect, the ceremony was perfect, the reception was perfect.
just perfect. :]

highlights of the wedding:

being with my incredibly family.

realizing the amazing future i have ahead of me with the boy i love so much.

so much fun dancing.

having an amazing day that belong completely to us.

so that was the wedding.

we danced to Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls and Taylor Swift

we made about $350 during our money dance.

we got tons of compliments on the theme of our wedding.

[along with the approval of just about every sweet-toothed child in attendance.]

we had a blast.

i don't know about garrett, but i honestly was enjoying the reception so much i didn't even want to leave.

i guess that just means my mom really does know how to throw a party!

we went on a cruise to Key West and Mexico for our honeymoon.

it was fantastic.

seriously so happy that we decided on a cruise.

everything was so easy and laid back.

and we got to be in sunlight and eat delicious food 24/7.

pizza and caesar salad.

soft serve ice cream and hot chocolate.

and now we've been married for over 2 months! it's crazy to think that 2 months have already gone [flown] by.

marriage is an interesting thing.

it's different...without being different at all.

it's good. it's great, actually.

but i don't know how to describe it.

it just feels very natural and like nothing really changed.

though it obviously did.

life still happens.

lots of laundry.
lots of cleaning.
lots of dishes.
lots of movie shnuggling.

good days. bad days.

i just get to start and end those with a good morning kiss and a goodnight prayer with garrett now.

he's a great husband.

he does everything in his power to make me happy.

it's hard for him sometimes though.

there are days when i feel like he pulls his husband muscles trying to make me happy.

but, sad as i am to admit it, i still have down days.

depression isn't really a respecter of persons or marital status, i guess.

so i still have lows. but my lows are pretty much the same kind of low.

my highs are much higher now.

i like that a lot.

garrett finds a way to make me laugh, i mean really laugh, every day.

even the bad days.

he's marvelous like that.

and on that happy note, i will depart.

because this entry is long and full of unnecessary banter.

that's married life in a nutshell.

it's happy. it's different.

and yet, it's all very normal.



lyrics:watching you watching me. a fine way to fall asleep.the neighbors fight,as we both rest our eyes...the tragedies of chemistry,people dream of what you and me
have found.


you're the reason i come home.

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