July 24, 2010


so much to upate on.

i guess the most important thing right now is that i got a job!!!

oh sweet relief.

it could not have come at a more perfet time.

my mom was in africa for 3 weeks and it seemed like all hell broke loose while she was gone.

money got really tight and garrett and i were struggling to just keep trusting that the Lord knew what he was doing with us.

then we were asked to speak in church on faith.

i think that was probably a hint to us.

so we kept faith. as difficult as it was to do so.

and the more we pushed forward the easier it got.

it was strange to me.

we had no reason to feel good about the future.

our bank account was decreasing with no chance of increase.

the month was coming to a close which meant rent would be due soon.

bills had to be paid.

groceries had to be purchased.

and everywhere we went we left with no success.

no job offers. no job postings.

but we felt good.

it was like we could feel the light at the end of the tunnel moreso than we could see the light.

i applied online--somewhat on a whim [and fully expecting to not get the job] at Jenny Craig to be a weight loss consultant.

i didn't know much about the program, the products or how it worked, but i got an interview and it went well.

and then i got another interview.

and it went well.

and then i got a job.

i wasn't expecting it at all.

but i was thrilled. oh was i thrilled.

i've only been working for 3 days but i feel like everything is perfect.

i love the girls i work with.

i'm already starting to love the clients.

i'm catching on to how it all works and it really is pretty amazing.

i've missed EFY a lot lately. i've missed feeling like i'm helping people change their lives for the better.

while i was preparing my talk on faith i read through some of my old notes and journals and i began to sob.

i'ved missed that feeling of being so selfless.

lately it's been all about me.

my husband.
my marriage.
my money.
my need for a job.
my happiness.

me. me. me.

i don't ever get to interact with other people and feel concern or care for them.

i never get to say, "is there anything i can do for you?"

and i've missed that.

but now i get to do that again.

it's a bit differnt, sure.

but i get to help people change their lives.

and that feels amazing.

in other news,

garrett and i have made some friends in our ward.

we've hung out with them a few times and we really enjoy them.

it's fun to have people to laugh with.

we've missed friends.

i've been longboarding with garrett quite a bit lately.

my legs have the cuts and bruises to prove it.

i'm getting better.

i doubt i'll ever be as good as he is, but at least i can keep up.

anyways, that's it for now.



lyrics:what do you say to taking chances? what do you say to jumping off the edge?never knowing if there's solid ground below. or a hand to hold. or hell to pay. what do you say?-celinedion.

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