December 26, 2009

santa is such a champ.

december, i feel, has been the longest month of the year.

not that i'm complaining or anything, i'm just letting it be known.

i did a lot this month.

i got my wedding dress purchased and a third of the way altered.

side seems taken in-check.

after the hem and the shoulder lift it will be all done.

that's very strange to think about.

i have a wedding dress.

that's very odd to me.

i sort of thought for a long time that i wouldn't ever get to wear one.


it just didn't seem to be in the cards for me.

but it is. and i'm ecstatic about it.

in other news, garrett and i took our engagement pictures on the 11th of december.

the first 10 minutes or so were incredibly awkward, but then we just had a lot of fun with it.

our photographer was amazing.

we loved her.

and her work.

we love a lot of the pictures she took of us and we're excited to send them out with our announcements.

i stayed with garrett and his family for a couple of days before flying to savannah to come home for chritmas.

i love being home.

i love being with my family.
[though brenna and jesse were extremely missed]

we had a great christmas.

most memorable moments of the day:

-thrusting stormtrooper

-A R Arnold

-pow pow power wheels


-the wounded knee massacre reenactment

-nap one [with jackie and dreams of storm troopers thrusting]

-nap two [with miss abby]

-leg wrestling with jackie

-pictionary with modey

-"bats don't, but sun powers robots."

-cirque du soliel tryouts.

-a goodnight phone call with garre bear.

i love christmas.

new years is next.

and i can't wait.



'cause these are the nights that you know when you’re there you couldn’t have planned it much better i swear and you hope that your senses aren’t failing you now.-making april

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  1. sounds like you had a fun christmas :) can't wait to see you in PROVO!! ok so i lied I'm not excited to see you in PROVO more like i'm just excited to see YOU! :)