July 8, 2009

okay...don't judge me...but...

this is exactly the reason i should update my blog more often.

i am currently overwhelmed with how much i feel like i should write

and how much i actually want to write.

in all honesty, i had sort of given up on writing on here.

i was fairly convinced no one was reading it.

and it was becoming just one more thing i sucked at.

however, i was informed that i do have at least one consistent reader.

thanks, brittney.

so here i am. writing. and mildly overwhelmed.

in fact, i am currently laying on my stomach with my arms stretched out in front of me-typing-with my face against the floor.

i can only imagine how pathetic i look right now.

however, i am feeling a little grateful for Typing teacher, mrs. strickland.

i highly doubt i would be able to perform such an act without her class.

thanks, mrs. strickland.

i am yet to write anything of substance or importance.

told you.


oaky. here goes nothing.

my life has been nothing short of chaotic, stressful, painful and ridiculous for over a month now.

i often find myself waiting for the part where i wake up.

but i am yet to actually do so.

that being said, i am either in the drug induced coma i wished and prayed for for so long, or i am actually living this craziness.

if this is the coma, i would like to be taken out of it.

as it turns out, it is not any better than the reality i was living before.

my face is ridiculously broken out right now.

it has been like this for a couple weeks now.

and i'm thinking it needs to stop.>br>

finals week may have taken its toll on my complexion, but finals week is over.

so i blame most of it on weird sleeping habits, a boy and stupid hormones.

but mostly a boy.

i would go into detail but let's be honest. no one really wants the big, fat story.

and i don't care to type it all.

in short: i like a boy. a lot.

he broke my heart. a lot.

he dated a new girl.

i don't know her. but i don't have to know her to know i don't like her.

they went on a break.

he thought about me a lot.

we began talking again.

drama ensued.

my life has been the epitome of hurry up and wait for over a month.

i have no clue what will happen next.

i've gone into all of this completely blind.

but with complete faith.

don't worry.

i've been in close contact with God and i'm fairly certain He knows what He's doing.

i'm just learning to trust.

to be patient.

and to endure.

and i guess how to deal with crappy acne.

thanks, boy.

in other news, i ran away to california for a short whimsical vacation.

i decided the night before i left to go.

i went with a fairly new friend and another girl i had never met.

by all accounts, i was crazy.

but i needed to get away.

i had been emotionally beaten and i needed to figure things out.

clear my head.


so i did.

and i had a blast.

i came back with a couple of semi non-traditional souvenirs.

1-a horrible stomach ache. thank you, fast food and cotton candy.

2-one of the worst sunburns of my entire life

3-a personal testimony of how much colder a california beach is than a georgia beach

4-the ability to say i've actually been to a bar and had to show id.

5-a rub on tattoo of a dragon

6-a sweet gas station friendship anklet

7-a loss of disneyland virginity

8-two fantastic new friends

9-a lot of wonderful memories

10-oh yeah...and a little bit of car ride insanity :]

so that was california. now i'm back to drama and frustrating boys.

but i'm glad i got away for at least a little bit.

there's more to say...

but right now i'm a little blogged out...

i'll update again soon.


until then..



lyric: i tried to do handstands for you
everytime i fell on you, yeah, everytime i fell
i tried to do handstands for you but everytime i fell for you
i'm permanently black and blue, permanently blue for you..-chairlift

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