May 16, 2009

life on life's terms ain't easy.

it's been some weeks since i updated my blog.

you would think i've actually been super busy or something.


i did finish up winter semester with ease.

and then i had a 4 day respite from schooling...and then started again.

spring semester.

the 4 days were nice though...

my parents and little brother came out to Provo for jesse's graduation.

i didn't go to his actual graduation.

as it turns out he was in the same graduating school as a certain former boyfriend of mine...

and going to jesse's graduation would have meant going to his graduation..


would have been less than good.

but i did go to brittany's graduation.


my little girl is all grown up.

she has a real person job now. in fact, i went to visit her yesterday
(after almost literally running into the same former boyfriend as previously mentioned.)

do not be fooled by the professional atmosphere of The Riverwoods Pet Hospital.
they leg wrestle and do races to the phone from down the hall and merely paint on a professional face when customers or clients come in.
and as far as i'm concerned--that's awesome. and exactly how it should be.

not to go back in conversation, but, like i said, i am going to school spring semester..or "ovester" if you would prefer to feminize that word.

i am taking two religion classes [in a desperate attempt to get through all 14 required religion credits]

-Book of Mormon

-Eternal Marriage

and i am also taking a School of Family Life class called Strengthening Marriage and Family Through The Proclamation..

which is way too long of a class name if you ask me.

however, BYU did not ask me.

[shameful, i know]

and so it remains a mouthful of a class name.

so yeah...they're not exactly the most demanding classes.

but they are interesting.

and as much as i know i should be taking this whole college thing seriously, i really don't know what i want to major in...

so i figure i might as well take classes that are at least interesting while i try to figure out this chaotic life.

so that's that.

i have been trying [desperately] to break out of my anti-social coffin lately.

it's proving to be mostly not a success.

but i do hang out with bree a lot more.

and that is always a good thing.

in fact, bree, brit and i spend our wednesday afternoons by the pool.

the best part about our wednesday pool days?

none of us even live at the place we go to.

but our friend chad [who was bree's friend from many moons ago and is now a mutual friend among all of us] lives there.

so we mooch.

and i'm not ashamed.

there isn't a ton going on lately.

i still have quite a few bad days.

but i'm starting to have good days.

i still soak brit's jeans with tears.

but i'm starting to laugh and actually feel it.

i still want to give up a lot of the time.

but i'm still trying.

if i ever write a book i think i will call it i'm trying.

i think i have said that phrase more times in the past year than every other person in this world combined.

but it's true.

i am trying.

and that's about all i've got to say for now.

there will be more when more happens.

and until then..


lyrics: now I know it all happens for a reason, like every passing season we all have to change.and sometimes your biggest failures become your biggest saviors.
mistakes have to be made.-bedlight for blue eyes.

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