February 3, 2009

the weekly ramble.

this week has been way too boring.
i have not a lot to report.
i wrote my first paper this semester.
it was for my marriage prep class and it was depressing.
i had to take a survey.
the survey told me how prepared i am for marriage.
and according to it, i'm not.
always good news.
so i wrote a less than thrilling paper on how much i'm not prepared for marriage and all of the wonderful things i need to do and goals i need to set in order to make myself more marry-able.
i'll be sure to inform everyone when the transformation has taken place.
until then, i'll be in my prenuptial cocoon.

in other news, i made some valentines decorations and put up some happy pictures in makeshift picture frames.
all in an attempt to make my apartment feel homeier.
it sort of worked.
i'll put pictures of them in my scrappy blog.
i think they're cute.
despite the fact that one of the picture frames straight up bit my thumb, drew blood and left a nasty gash.
wow. i'm talking about my arts and craps wounds.
i'm really desperate for something.

oh, yes. i know. Meg [my niece] came to play with me for a little while last Thursday.
she is so wonderful. i love her a lot.

this is meg reading our mail.
cute, eh?
uh..i got a 90 on my first Psychology quiz.
three cheers for praying before you study, man.
that's all i have to say about that.
and some other random facts from the week:
1.my FHE group [with the exception of about two people] hates me.
2. i installed a printer all by myself.
i'm awesome.
i went to the library.
i bought a darling dress from wal-mart.
i almost fell on my face in the temple.
the end.

love, kate.

lyric:"i wish the world were flat like the old days and i could travel just by folding a map.
no more airplanes or speed-trains or freeways.
there would be no distance that could hold us back."-death cab for cutie

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