January 27, 2009

descriptions and resolutions.

so one thing about me. i'm bad [and by bad, i mean horrrrrible] at keeping a journal. i cannot even begin to tell you of all the different journals/diary's i have begun writing. i think the most follow through i ever gave one of my journals was like...a month? pathetic, i tell you. i attribute most of this pathetic state of affairs to the fact that i live one of the more pathetic lives i know of. [i hate ending sentences in prepositional phrases. seriously. i hate it.] it's true though. if the happenings of my life could somehow be transferred onto an EKG, i'd be flat lined a great deal of the time. perhaps i need some defibrillators. perhaps i could be not a loser and i could quit using medical references to depict my life. i blame dad. :] okay. i'm done. promise.

alright so i've made some blogging resolutions and decisions:

  • i will update this bad boy at least once a week. [it might not be interesting, but it will be updated.]
  • i will take pictures of the exciting things that happen and post them on here. [that way, if a picture is worth 1,000 words, you don't have to read nearly as much of the nonsense i write]
  • i will be posting my scrappings [refer to link for definition] on this sub blog.
  • i will write exactly how i feel and not hold back just because i know my grandma is reading this. :]
  • i love music and i like to pretend that people will love it as much as i do and so i will include, at the end of ever entry, a fantastic line of lyric. you'll love it. i swear.
okay. that's all i can think of right now.

so...i'm going to go scrapbook now. because i'm an addict. and i refuse to use the patch. :]



lyric: "Lord knows that this world is cruel. and i ain't the Lord. no, i'm just a fool learning loving somebody don't make them love you."-jack johnson


  1. i heart you...and fyi it took me three times to get that spelling right. i hear you, i hurt you, i heart you finally.

  2. Hey this is finally working to leave comments...