January 26, 2009

testing, testing...one. two. three.

i'm kate. and i'm sort of new to this whole "blogging" thing. i'm

not sure i really fully understand the whole point of these

bad boys. but i've read a blog or two in my day and from my

readings i've determined that it's just a glorified journal with

shmancy elements to it; a mixture of facebook and dear diary.

they're really quite trendy these days and i'm somewhat

surprised that i'm allowing myself to give in to such a trend.

but mostly i just want to remember my life. and the whole

hand writing in a journal ain't my thing. so here it is. the

blog. dun, dun, dun....that wasn't nearly as dramatic for anyone

reading as i was hoping. sorry.

umm...yeah. so, like the jank on the right side of your screen

says, it's just my writing. i make no promises that anything in

here will be of substance or importance. but i just like to

write. and it's my writing. so that's that.

but right now i'm sort of sick of staring at this computer

screen. it's taken me entirely too long to figure out how to

get that sweet background on this thing.

so this is my first entry.

hopefully the first of many.

my life isn't too exciting. but i think i could write a little

something about it.

but like i said. not right now. too much computer.

so until next time...


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