April 29, 2013

tourist in my own town.

we meet again.

it's strange to me that even without a 9-5 slavery corporate job i still tend to hate mondays. 

maybe it's because i know i'm about to be stranded (without a car) in my house for another 5 days...or maybe it's just because monday's blow. 

there's no real way to tell. 

so before we dive into monday and all of the To Do lists this week will bring, let's recap on the weekend, shall we?

thursday (yes, my weekend starts on thursday.)garrett came home from class at 10:30 and, after a quick trip to Target to buy a few items, we headed to the beach. don't judge us, but this was garrett's first trip to the beach that actually involved laying in the sand and getting in the water since we've lived here. i'm the worst savannah native/wife ever, i know. 

it was perfect beaching conditions. hot. but not the kind of hot that makes you think you have somehow slipped into the netherworld of hell. breezy. but not breezy enough for the sand to assail skin and eyeballs with the fury of a warmonger. it was exactly the kind of day that you want to have at the beach. the kind of day conducive to a lovely mid day nap. (which garrett thoroughly documented for you, my blog friends. seriously. i did not know he took these pictures. but i appreciate it. because blogs without pictures are just boring. but i am not able to photograph myself sleeping. yet.)

it was just ideal. we stayed for a couple of hours and then went home. we didn't want to fry, you know.

but, with many thanks to the fine people at Banana Boat and their complete inability to actually shield our skin from the sun's harmful rays, we did, indeed, fry.

thanks, guys. i now have a temporary tattoo of the bow on the back of my swimmy suit. 
cue dermatologist uncle disowning me...

and my butt cheeks ache with a fiery torment.

thursday night we went to a Savannah Sand Gnats baseball game. my friend was coming in from out of town (actually, she was coming in from off of land. she has spent the past 3 years working on Disney Cruise lines. she finished her last contract and decided to pay me a visit on her way back to life on land.) she hadn't been to a baseball game in forever (since baseball on deck is difficult at best..) and wanted to attended one with us. so we went. 

but she got stuck in yuck traffic on her way up from Florida and pretty much only saw the last 15 minutes of the game. so it ended up being sort of just a date night with garrett. which isn't ever a bad thing.
but finally seeing Shelley made my heart so happy. and i got to spend friday morning and afternoon with her.

i don't know of many people outside of my family that love me as much as Shelley does. and it just fills me with so much joy to be with her. i was sad to have to say goodbye so soon after seeing her again. but i WILL see her in Utah this summer. and there will be much rejoicing and laughing and probably she will pinch my cheeks a lot. 

friday night was nothing special. i was feeling yuck. garrett had homework to do. and i wore as little clothing as possible because my skin was on fiyah.

saturday i did hair. and a buttload of it. i did an ombre color on a girl who has probably the most amount of hair on her head than anyone i've ever known or heard of.

also it doesn't look as smoothly transitioned in the picture as it does in real life. and that's kind of a let down. but i still think it looks good.
and sunday was spent churching, napping and walking with gilly. we walked to and around Forsyth and, as always, were quite pleased with what we saw. it's always an adventure going to Forsyth on the weekends. or like ever.

guys, i love hippies and drunks and that man playing the accordion. 
and aside from my burnt flesh, it was a pretty good weekend. 
minus the terrifyingly disturbing email i received in response to the perfectly wholesome wanted housing ad i put on craigslist. 

quoth the creep,

i'm not interested, pal. also, we're not pals. also, who actually goes for this? also, is there a legal contract of sorts that we would sign because i'm pretty sure no law is going to enforce that arrangement. 

finding a temporary home aint easy...
or i guess it could be easy. if i were.
the search continues. 


lyrics: the world lives for the weekends. well, i watch as my days bleed right into them. 

ps. don't forget to join me and Tami on Wednesday for The Truth About My Body link up. spill the beans on all of your weird body quirks. if you have toes so long they could be fingers or an extra tooth, we want to know about it. so join us!


  1. Looks like the perfect weekend! Your swimmers are super cute and a couple of hours at the beach always recharges my soul! Oh so envious you get to just go to baseball games! Very cool! Have a lovely week! Big smiles and YAY Monday is almost over ;-)

  2. Ouch, that sun burn! Looks like a super relaxing time, though. I totally burned this weekend. I put on sunscreen, but forgot to reapply. I am kinda feeling your pain right now as my bra strap digs into the burn a little. Yeowch!

  3. ok CREEP. gross! I also enjoy the hair posts. Her hair looks AWESOME and I want you to do my hair ASAP! I am starting a hair blog. Nothing big just to serve as a "look book" for my clients and little tips I like and want to share so you may have to help me with some posts. I have no intentions of it being big just a small, simple blog. I miss you and we need to catch up. PS you always burn. You should've tried chad's acrobatic tanning moves to avoid such tan lines. just saying.

  4. Your Thursday sounds like fun to me!!! And having a girl's day is always a blast!

    P.S. What is with your luck, you keep finding the weirdos on this apartment hunt!


  5. What the hay?! Why is craigslist being so creepster to you?!

  6. Dude. Serious creeper. Otherwise, it seems like your weekend was awesome! Hope you find some less-creepy housing soon!

  7. yay for funshine! minus the whole burning thing.. that's the opposite of fun, but still!

  8. I'm missing the beach and those fun Sand Gnats games. We went to one last year and it was soooo hot it was hard to enjoy, but I still miss it! Fun times!