April 30, 2013

baby, i was born this way.

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the truth about

i remember the first time john mayer told me my body was a wonderland. (oh, you didn't know he wrote that song about me? welp, now you do.) i totally blushed and was like, "john, you're so sweet. i love that we're both from georgia." 

but what john doesn't know is that i have a pretty quirky wonderland of a body. and you probably don't know it either. so i'm here to fill you in. 

this, my friends, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about my weird, quirky body.

starting at the top:

that's my dad. isn't he just so handsome?
1. my hairline. there's a physical trait that runs strong with the men on my dad's side of the family. the Woodbury men hairline. there's even a statue of my great, great, great (i don't really know how many great's it is..) grandpa, Erastus Snow, in St. George, Utah. and you can bet your bottom dollar that Erastus is rocking the Woodbury men hairline even in effigy. so here's the thing, since i'm apparently part man (thank you, iphoto) and since i'm definitely part Woodbury, it would only make sense for half of my head to have the Woodbury men hairline. i kid you not. one side of my hairline goes back a good 2-3 inches farther than the other. it makes me laugh that part of my hairline pays homage to my Woodbury side. but it does make figuring out how to part my hair and wearing it back sort of an issue. if i pull my hair back too tight in a pony tail/bun then i look like i have a partially receding hairline. but it's not a receding hairline. just a quirky one. 
baby brother and me way back in 2007.
2. my chompers. you can't see it. because it would have to be crazy, super close up. (and that would be terrifying.) but my teeth are serrated. like a knife. or a toddler. most little kids have serrated teeth but once their adult teeth come in they're smoothed out on the bottom. but not mine. still serrated. (maybe it's because the Tooth Fairy frequently forgot to visit me?..hmm..) and, as it turns out, serrated knives are the crappiest knives there are. so that explains why i struggle to even bite through melted cheese. 

3. my finger tips. garrett has a theory that i was a dog/wolf in some past life. his justifications are something to do with the fact that i have a crazy sensitive nose, (maybe i should have added that. i often rely on my nose more than my other senses. and sometimes i just begin rapidly sniffing to figure out what or where a scent is.) i'm often itchy behind my ears, i can sleep under almost any circumstance and also i have padded finger tips. they're just slightly bulbous right in the center. i never knew this was abnormal until he pointed it out to me. and then i began looking at other people's finger tips. i'm yet to find the rest of my past-life wolf pack.

4. my arms. one day, in high school, i raised my hand to ask to go to the bathroom to answer a question and the girl behind me said, nay, shouted, "YOU HAVE MIDGET ARMS!"..thanks, friend. i do love a good bout of public humiliation. but couple that comment with a recent measurement of my wing span and yes indeedy, my arms are, in fact, quite a bit shorter than they ought to be. i am everything Michael Phelps is not. (and i'm sure that shocks you since he and i have so much in common. like our number of gold medal wins and our ability to float through water like a porpoise.) also, my arms and fingers are double jointed. you can only sort of see it in the picture, but my arms turn out like crazy. and i can point my fingers straight (nails towards the ceiling) and twist my elbows around. this proved to be an issue when i was a super cool cheerleader in middle school and i was scolded for NEVER having straight arms. 

second time posting this picture. cue panicking and awkward embarrassment. don't judge me. i was documenting my Insanity progress.
5. my spots. if the aforementioned theory were actually true, i, myself, would speculate that rather than a wolf, i was perhaps a dalmatian in a past life. (or maybe some sort of mix breed of the two.) because i am spotted. i remember being younger and only having two little spots on my tummy. and i honestly don't remember having so many freckles and spots all over my back and chest and shoulders. but as i've gotten older (and maybe sun burned a time or twelve) i have become quite a dalmatian. i think i get a new spot every day. i don't particularly love this aspect of my body, but other people tell me it's cute. i think they just want to play connect the dots. and i can't really blame them for that. i've done it. also while we're on this picture, my torso is abnormally long. 

6. my back. after a failed attempt to open my frozen shut bottom drawer freezer, i realized that something was amiss with my back. thinking it was just a pulled muscle, i didn't think much of it. until my lower back, butt and thighs all began to get tingley and achey and then somehow numbish and super painful at the same time. i talked to my dad, a good and reliable doctor, about it and he told me any kind of tingling and numbness isn't a good thing. so i got an MRI. and it was confirmed that i have an annular tear. ( if you want to read what that means exactly, you may do so here.) the fact of the matter is, there are cushiony discs between each of your vertebrae. one of mine is torn open and causing nerve fibers to be exposed. thus the pain and numbness. it pretty much is just a literal pain in my back. it hurts some days, some days it doesn't. bending and twisting is a nearly lethal activity. and lifting heavy things is out of the question. it's just a weird thing that i have. but remember that brother of mine that is practically my identical twin? he has the exact same tear in the exact same place. odd, am i right?

ignore the egg. check out those pinky toes. and also my glitter toes. because obviously.

7. my pinky toes. they're sideways. that's all there is to it. much like the one half of my hairline, i get my wonky toes from my daddy. if you can believe it, his and my sister's are actually even more sideways. and though they do look a bit odd (especially when you look at them next to someone whose toes don't face 9:00 and 3:00) they're actually kind of convenient. their angled shape allows them to fit quite nicely into a peep-toe heel without  cramming and jamming my feet in there like unto Drizella and Anastasia.

and there you have it. from head to toe. literally. the truth about this quirky, short wonderland body of mine. sometimes i get really frustrated with it. a lot of times i get down on myself about my weight or my size. but i really liked going through and pointing out all of my quirks and everything that makes me unique rather than pointing out all of my flaws and the things that make me frustrated. i like thinking about the things that are neither good nor bad. but things that just make me me. those are good things to think about, right?

so what are you're quirks? what makes you you?
link up (or comment.) i would love to know.


lyrics: there's nothing wrong with loving who you are..'cause He made you perfect babe.


  1. I have 2 padded fingertips on each hand! Ca-razy! And I also have "spots" all over my tummy and pretty much everywhere else on my body.

  2. I linked up a post that isn't scheduled to post until tomorrow morning. I hope that isn't a problem! :) I figured not many people would read blogs in the middle of the night. Let me know if you want me to re link it up later after it's posted!

  3. I have an abnormally long torso, too! It kinda sucks when it comes to finding shirts, lol. Every shirt I try on is too short!

    Also, your spots are adorable.

    Thanks again for an awesome link up, my dear!

  4. You have such cute quirks! And I can't really see your "dalmation spots" because I AM TOO BUSY STARING AT YOUR AMAZING STOMACH. oh my gawww. please come train me?

  5. You ROCK that hair style like nobodies business! Loving it! Am i crazy that I think your finger tips are cool...how unique! Fab body and all the markings on your body are your very own and make your body beautiful! Loved this post!

  6. Love this post. Very cute..and you have very white teeth. I am jealous! My toes...the one beside the big one..are bigger..maybe thats odd?

  7. check out them chompers! you should totally pull a mike tyson if you ever catch yourself in a fight!

  8. I love all your quirks! You are gorgeous! :) Great idea for a linkup.



  9. I am the mole/freckle queen in my family! And my pinkie and ring toes are sideways too. Story goes when I was a baby my dad use to try and "straighten" them during my naps. Weird!

  10. hahaha i seriously love this!! but you have abs and i don't so you win.

  11. Check your text message. I also have padded fingertips. And funky toes/feet.

    P.S. I will take your long torso over my short one any day.

  12. I have the same issue with the pinky toes. I thought I was the only one but then I saw my son had the same issue too. Your not alone. You are super pretty.

  13. I loved this link-up so I had to come up with something! I'm pretty sure I have serrated teeth as well although a dentist has never mentioned it to me. I didn't know your teeth were supposed to be completely straight across when they come in - I thought mine were normal!

  14. So it looks like you and I came from the same wolf pack. My nose is crazy sensitive, I just BARELY scratched behind my ear and I've got some padded fingertips. I never knew that wasn't normal!

    Also, this comment was supposed to go through yesterday...oopsie!

  15. Perhaps we should do a little swapper-roo...well really I just magically look like you :-)
    You gorg and perfectly white teeth, your ridiculously amazing body.i mean really?!?!...Your adorableness!?! Wishful thinking!