December 8, 2012

sicky babe.

(this post was supposed to be posted on Friday. my bad.)

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.
that is, if christmas looks like vomit, diarrhea and expensive emergency vet bills.

my gilly was a very sick puppy.

the kind of sick that just breaks my heart.
the kind of sick that makes me cry.
the kind of sick that no one should ever have to be.
not even dogs.

poor little sicky babe.

and well, since it's friday and since it's been ages since i last did this, let's tell the stories of the past week (and also the awful details of just how ill my little babe was) in a Triple A Friday sort of way, shall we?


- airport security. i don't even know why i bother getting dressed before i fly. i'm going to show up in a my bath towel next time and just get dressed after i walk through the metal detector/wind blower/hair checking station (have you had that one yet? the one where they pat your head down to make sure you don't have a bump-it  weapon hidden in there. it's weird.) it really would just be easier.

- sitting next to strangers on airplanes. always awkward. especially this time around since i was super congested and super snotty and coughing like i had the swine flu (again) and had to blow 3 tons of snot out of my nose every 10 minutes to keep my head from exploding under the pressure of the airplane cabin. and since i was also really, really tired on my first flight, i totes did the head bob of all sleeping head bobs and nearly head butted the lady sitting next to me. whoopsies. i laughed myself back to sleep with that one.

- reading a hand written note from someone you don't know with the word "LOL" written next to a not funny sentence. that actually didn't happen this week, it happened a while ago. but something reminded me of it this week and i cringed at how awkward it was. i loathe "LOL" to begin with. but there's something extra awful about it being hand written in a note to a stranger.

-sticking our one and only thermometer in Gilly's hiney to check her temperature. i think i might have hated it even more than you, Gilly. let's both pretend it didn't happen and shnuggle, okay?

-listening to Delilah. she's always a total goon, but she to get even sappier and disgusting come the Holidays.

-listening to the people who call in to talk to Delilah. even worse.


- Garrett getting a job at an awesome place and having an awesome schedule. that's happy.

- getting a Christmas tree that is boss and perfectly Christmas tree shaped. (not so awesome are the pictures i took of it. they're just not doing it for me.)

- using the word boss as an adjective.

- Christmas music, Christmas decorations and Christmas candy. oh, dark mother. once again i suckle at your chocolate peppermint teat. (it's altered a bit, but someone please name that quote.)

- losing weight. it's probably not real since i'm still sickish, but i'm pretending like it is.

Are You Serious?

- gilly waking me up at 4 am on Wednesday morning to go outside to eat grass and throw up. twice.

- waking up to not one, not two but three ginormous mounds of vomit on our rug later Wednesday morning. (good morning, mom. here are 3 piles of regurgitated grass and dog food. i made it just for you.)

- gilly throwing up even more throughout the day. i much grass did she eat?!

- coming home from our trip to the home depot to get a christmas tree only to find a horrific scene of diarrhea all over our white bed. and on the floor. (poor little baby. she was so sick i couldn't even bring myself to think about being angry.) 

- having the woman at the Emergency Vet estimate the tests they wanted to do on Gilly costing 575 doll hairs. FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE! i seriously would love to have see my face when she spit that number out. i'm sure it was rich. but not rich enough to pay that kind of vet bill. we opted for a lower price, less tests and shots and luckily, because the good Lord knows i would have a conniption fit if she got sick again and we couldn't afford to help her, she is all better now. 

so that's my week in Triple A's. 
hope your week was great...and a lot less vomit-y.

17 days until Christmas!!


lyrics:  in the air there's a feeling of Christmas


  1. Hi Kate!
    So sorry to hear about your pup.. Hope she feels better!!!
    I hate going to airports too, but I laughed when you wrote you'll just show up in a bath towel.
    Delilah is a goon, but I.can't.stop.listening!! She lures me in I'm afraid!
    Anyway, loved this post! :)
    I'm following you back!


  2. Ughh hope Gilly feels better, what a cute tree :)

    Adorable blog!

    New follower...

    Lot's of bloggy love from Ashton Belle over at:

  3. Hey!
    I found you from The Domestic Geek. I'm new but I love dogs so I'm glad that Gilly is getting better! My dog had to get two shots this weekend and he's so little so he's limping now and it makes me so sad! I love your writing and find myself unable to stop. I about died when you were talking about the head bob and LOL. I hate that too! It just made the story that much more entertaining. I hope the rest of your Sunday goes well and you get some cuddle time with Gilly!!