October 25, 2012

crap you don't care about.

(bridal picture circa february 2010)

today i begin my 30 questions for the next 30 days.

List 20 random facts about yourself.

1) i read magazines backwards.
2) i dream of hugging/bottle feeding/romping with a bear.
3) i've never seen an R rated movie.
4) i am a licensed cosmetologist and i do hair from home.
5) i was asleep for my first kiss.
6) i survived the swine flu.
7) i have a panic attack every time i drive a manual.
8) if i weren't toally broke, i would be a shopaholic.
9) i have an extremely addictive personality.
10) i love boy bands.
11) french fries are my favorite food. indian is a close second.
12) i know all the words to "It's The End of the World As We Know It" by REM
13) i was never asked to a prom or homecoming.
14) i have a bleeding disorder.
15) i own at least 20 pairs of jeans.
16) i absolutely cannot-CANNOT-whistle. 
17) i look more like my brother than either of my sisters.
18) i cry every year on my birthday.
19) i was an efy counselor for two years in a row. 
20) i had my sweat glands removed from my arm pits.

so that's that. twenty random facts.
that was weird.

in other news, the weather here in savannah is beautiful but it snowed in provo today and i am actually super upset i'm not there for it. that's sort of a big deal since i used to HATE having to be in the snow in utah. 
..i don't know. maybe i'm just maturing. 
or maybe i'm just upset i won't be there to laugh at the slutty girls on halloween trying to look sexy while they freeze their bum bums off in the snow. perhaps you should opt for a shirt..and a pant of sorts, ladies. just a suggestion.

or maybe i'm just stir crazy...i haven't lived in one place for so long since 2006.

wow. i'm old.


lyrics: i'm sane but i'm overwhelmed. i'm lost but i'm hopeful, baby.

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