April 21, 2012

weird and disjointed thoughts.

thoughts for today:

- my dog is becoming more and more human every day. a couple days ago, we had a straight up conversation. (she's a very squeaky/whiny dog but lately it has become very conversational and i am not lying. we talked.) i asked her (in a very conversational, non-demanding, non-puppy talk sort of way) to go kennel up. she began to squeak and whine in protest. (i assume she was telling me that she was bored and she hadn't played all day) i said to her, "i know, gilly. but mommy has to go run errands and i need you to obey. so can you please go do it for mommy?" and she heavily sighed. then walked right into her kennel and laid down. i was sort of floored. today she opened the door. i watched it. again, floored.

- i'm sort of sick of clothing stores just assuming that every woman in this world (or at least the savannah area) was tragically born without a torso. because i happen to only be two eye balls and a torso. and i object, your honor.

- i may or may not be legitimately losing my mind. i drop everything i touch. i trip all the time. i missed my exit to my parent's house and i left a bunch of stuff i was supposed to bring with me at my house. this is miserable. a friend asked if i was pregnant. i'm not. but if this is what i have to look forward to when i am, then we should all just simultaneously brace ourselves for something tragic.

- i read a quote from shenae grimes about her weight. apparently she's been 100lbs since puberty. blah blah blah. whatever. i don't trust people who didn't have a rough puberty or a fat stage. but whatever. you're skinny. we got it. but get this, she responded to an article that said that she should be 120 at her height of 5'3" by saying "I'm sorry, but 120 on my frame? I'd be a little chunky monkey walking around!"

i don't even have words to fully express my thoughts on this. but if i were to try it would be something like this:
1) shut up. 2) that's not true 3) whatever 4) i'm legitimately pissed off by that comment. 5) i checked no less than 5 websites with height/weight charts and even in the "small frame" category-she is still under weight. if 100lbs is where her body naturally resides, then whatever. say that. but don't lie and put more negative, self destructive words out there for 12 year old girls to eat up (and then puke out).

- i think wanda sykes would be a fun friend to have around.

- one of the women on mob wives has pool floaties for lips..

- my clothes will be in style when the "2006 look" rolls around again.

- i cannot remember the last time i washed my hair. this happens all the time. i need to start documenting such things.

-  my friend just adopted a puppy today. and it is seriously making me miss the days when gilly was just a 
 little bitty puppet.

- i am attempting to make cake pops today. this could be an epic fail of grand proportions. 

wish me luck.


lyrics: and i'll admit that I don't know, just where i'm going on this long and winding road that's taking me to what will be my home.

ps. seriously though--how cute was gilly as a pup?


  1. Ugh! Comments from skinny girls. Haha. Kills me! You're adorable. Love your blog!

  2. umm ok your pup is too darn cute!! love love love!!!


  3. hahahaha so many of these made me laugh, and im gonna kill that skinny girl haha, chucky monkey? and what does that make the rest of us!

  4. oh my goodness gilly!!! why can't they stay pups forever? don't get me wrong, i love my 95 lb lab ... but oh man was he a cute pup.