November 22, 2011

i feel good.

oh hey guess what.
i'm still alive.
i know. i had you questioning there for a while.
but i am here.

i stopped blogging for a while because ..well, if i'm being honest..i didn't have a single thing to blog about. not one thing.
i started my job in august and since then life has been a big pile of blah and nothingness, about which i had no interest in blogging.

but things are beginning to take a turn for the better and slightly more interesting.
so come back, little friends. i'm here to blog to you.
and i hope you're still there to read.

i'm excited about my life right now.
and i don't quite know when the last time i said that was.
so this is sort of epic.

more on that later.
remember how thanksgiving is this week?
what the..?
where did 2011 go?!

anyways, i have to go get busy with my life.


lyrics: and in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.


  1. Yay glad your back! Miss you

  2. missed your pretty face. i shouldn't say missED...cause i still do. so...i miss your face. as in now. the present. :)

  3. yayayyyy!! I have been waiting for you to update!! LOVE YOU KATIE!