November 28, 2011

Flu 101

sometimes i make really big plans for my life.
and then i get really excited.
and then life slaps me across the face with something horrific to bring me down again and make me feel like poop.
maybe it's not as frequent as i make it sound, but it sure did happen this week.
there i was, making huge plans for my life and future, being a big girl and taking on big girl decisions and WHAP.
you think you've got "big things" in store for you?
you don't.
unless of course you consider "big things" to be fevers and body aches and coughs and more snot than any one human being should concoct--in which case you are incredibly correct.
but if you were planning on anything else...
well, you get the picture.
i am ill.
granted i am not quite as ill as i was when i had the swine flu..but i would venture to say i am close.
(also, if you were not one of the unfortunate few to suffer through the swine flu, let me take you there with this--put yourself in the sickest place you've ever been. the kind of sick that makes you question whether or not your actually have control over any part of your body. now cough. cough hard. the kind of cough that pops blood vessels in your eyes and gives you the kind of smashing abs you always see on "Fitness" pinboards on Pinterest. are you there? now heat it up with the worst fever your body has ever know. make your blood boil, your eyes burn and your skin cringe at the thought of anyone touching it. if you've gotten your mind wrapped around that then you'll easily be able to imagine the body aches. not just joints and crap. the kind of body aches you might experience had you been hit by a train or had you sumo wrestled a fat man. now sprinkle in some vomiting here and there, garnish it with a complete lack of desire to live and you have the general gist of the swine flu.)
well that was a tangent i hadn't quite planned on going on. (that sentence ended in a preposition. deal.) but whatev.
the point is i'm ill.
and i'm sort of bummed out about it.
and not just because my family is in town and i can't snuggle and smooch my nieces/nephews nearly as much as i would like to.
but because i feel like it really took the wind out of my sail and that has caused me to feel very blah and very worthless.
mostly because i am yet to brush my teeth today.
yuck, kate!! yuck.
anyways, i'm trying to think of some good ideas to spice up this blog. my overly-witty banter just isn't reeling them in like it used to.
so i'm trying to think of a different weekly post topic.
preferably one that has to do with hair and makeup.
in addition to that i think i'm going to instate Flash Back Fridays.
i know, i know.
it's overused and cliche' but whatever.
so are "that's what she said" jokes but that doesn't keep me from laughing at them.
so...let me know your thoughts.
and i will do my best to not be a sick-fish.
lyrics: so sick so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick.

1 comment:

  1. I feel grood about those things. Flashback fridays and all. I think they sound hella tight.

    Also I am sorry you got MSG'd or something and are ill.

    Love you.