July 8, 2011

good enough.

oh hey. remember me?
i took a break. because life got weird and a little bit out of control.
also, my computer crashed.
(still not fixed.)
but lately i have really been missing the blogging world.
for a long time i was really determined that i was going to make it big with my blog.
i really thought i could be like so many of the other bloggers that i follow.
but then (as i often do) i fell short and i wanted to give up.
and then (as i also often do) i decided that was dumb.

why do i have to have 1000 followers?
i don't.
i have family and friends that live very far away and they are reason enough for me to write.
husband and i are going through a lot of interesting changes right now.
garrett started school at SCAD last week and he's already doing so well.
so much is happening and i need to be writing about it.
and maybe a few people want to be reading about it.

and so i am back.
forgive my absence.

and to my 37 faithful followers, thank you.
i do appreciate you a great deal.
i'll keep writing.
and you keep reading.
and that's all we will worry about.


lyrics: i can't back down. i've been losing so much time..

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