February 25, 2011

hot mess.

i watch teen mom 2.

confession two:
yesterday, after "watching" (more so it was on and i was just cleaning and facebooking and like such as) 4 episodes of teen mom 2 i decided to do a little google stalking on the life of jenelle.

she's my favorite train wreck.
her little boy is a doll, but she is a disaster.

most of the jank i found was the usual stuff.
smoking pot while she was pregnant.
grinding on meth heads.
her baby daddy isn't actually her baby daddy after all.
nothing too special.
but then i found this.

glory be to you, jenelle for having a flash of energy, creativity and sex appeal.
i've watched it thrice and laughed every time.

i don't consider myself a mean person. but when people post things like this i can't help the way i respond. it just so happens that i respond in laughter. and more pity on your child.

le sigh.
sadly, she is a better lip singer than she is mother.



lyrics: she will never let your spirit down once you get her off the street.

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  1. Bahahahahaha She is so trashy! I love teen mom 2.