November 12, 2010

stay strong, little immune system

i woke up this morning with that yucky sore throat feeling.
like i had a landslide of snot running down my throat all night long.
garre bear brought me some medicine before he left for class and i fell back asleep hoping the yuck would be gone by the time i decided to actually wake up.
but that didn't happen.
actually, garre's phone call woke me up.
he had forgotten all of his things he was supposed to take to class.
so i was up.
and the landslide was still very present.

when i got in my car i was reminded that i had no gas.
like none.
so i crossed my fingers and put fritz [my car] in neutral.
with luck and prayers, i got to garrett and gave him his stuff.
with more luck and prayers i got to the nearest gas station.
$15.11 later, i was on my way to jamba juice.
i had a craving.
and an excuse.
the landslide, remember?
i got the coldbuster.

and now i'm crossing my fingers that it will work.
in the meantime, i'm watching someone like you on netflix.
and penciling in nap into my not so busy schedule.
what are you doing today? do tell.


lyrics: just lately i have realized-baby, the best is yet to come.


  1. put a bra on (the most difficult thing on the list), laundry, maybe get a hair cut, groceries, vacuum, eat food. sorry you're sick! airborne works for me.

  2. Sorry you are sick dear! I can't seem to copy and past your button, it won't let me even right click...hmmm.

  3. hmm...that's curious. i'll look into that. thanks for letting me know.