November 11, 2010

four eyes.

i know i've already stated this, but i am so thrilled about my blog right now.

i know it needs some tweaking still, but for right now i sure am digging it.

you know what else i'm digging?

the fact that i'm watching season two of lie to me right now.

husband and i got hooked on season one a while back and it's been torture waiting for season two.

we were both incredibly pleased with netflix when we saw season two just waiting for us tonight.

we've been on an Office marathon lately and as much as i am loving it the third time around, it's nice to have a break and to hear Cal Lightman's fantastic accent.

in other news,

i hit a breaking point today.

after weeks of watery, irritated, burning eyes i finally snapped.

my eyes had had enough.

once upon a time i owned two lovely pairs of glasses but over the course of time they have disappeared.

i assume they are in a very specific heaven which consists of nothing but lost possessions and out-dated appliances.

i do hope my d&g glasses have become friends with an old cell-phone or nano baby of mine.

anyways, what i'm trying to say here is that it's been a long time since i've had glasses to wear and that has lead to an unfortunate contact-dictatorship lead life.

wake up in the morning [feeling like p-diddy] and the contacts went in and didn't come out until i was about to crawl into bed.

it was a rough life for my eyeballs.

but today i gave them a gift of freedom.

well, my mother gave them a gift of freedom.

after a little vacation to lens crafters, i walked away with two very happy eyes and one stylish pair of [40% off] dkny glasses.

thanks mom!

my eyes and i [that's weird] are very grateful!

however, did i mention that i have signs of "ocular rosacea"?


apparently it's caused by all the spicy food i've been eating. i suppose the 3 giant "tablespoons" of chili powder i added to my delicious jambalaya the other day may have not been my best decision.

but it was delicious.

so..i'm over it.

and i'll just bask in my new glasses excitement for now.



lyrics: shield your eyes. conceal your lies. don't blink. everyone's watching.

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