November 14, 2010

artsy fartsy.

i have had a lot of spare time lately.
and in that spare time i have been able to get my craft on.
[why am i so lame??]
tonight, in my illness, i was able to finish up a project i started a little while ago.

i think it's pretty darn cute.
and it's perfect for our house.
the lighting was bad and the flash puts a little glare on it.
but in real life it sure is cute.

i've also made just a few christmas cards since i have a ton of paper left over from last christmas.

in an ideal world, i would craft things and do hair all day [and not get fat].
mmm...that would be nice.



lyrics: i keep wishing it could be that way because my world would be a wonderland...


  1. I LOVE IT! make one for me when i get married, k?

  2. seriously, you and me and etsy shop. you do all things paper, i do all things fabric. together we rock. there are people who do do crafting as a job all day. trust me, i met them at the craft fair i did. look into it in your area. they have tax id's and cash registers, even. it's kind of intense!

  3. i miss this christmas crafts with you!! i miss you! and what?! you are leaving me?!