October 23, 2010


i got a text from miss allmond today.
she told me she liked my blog.
it made my dreary, 47 degree, rainy day.
and it inspired me to write some more.
i'm almost done with my shfifty day blog entry challenge.
so enough of this nonsense.
on with the blog!

47: birthday wish list.
i'm not completely sure what i want for my birthday...
and i'm kind of focusing on chrissamissa right now...
but let me think..
truly, i would just like to skip my birthday because i loathe the idea of being older and the peter pan in me is freaking out at the mention of being 23.
but anyways..
i would say i want a longboard so tat husband and i could longboard more together..<
but husband just got a new one..so..i can just have his old one..
ah ha!
world peace.

juuuuust kidding.
i mean..it would be great and all, but i'm not going to waste a blog entry and a candle blow out wish on something that isn't likely going to happen.
i'm just being real here, people.
even if wars end, there will never be peace between middle school girls.
they will continue to eat their young until this world is no more.
true, my birthday wish isn't world peace, but i do think it to be something just as noble.
a new wardrobe.
well, i'll keep my underoos but other than those--everything new.
more often than not i feel especially dumpy in my clothes for some reason.
i feel like my fashion is stuck in a different time and i hope every day for clinton and stacy to come beat down my door to criticize my clothing and hand me thousands of dollars to shop with.
i definitely know what looks better.
i'm just seriously deficient in that whole money in the bank [shorty what you drank...i had to..forgive me..] area.
but if i could have one awesome birthday wish--it would be a new fantastic wardrobe.
or a dyson vacuum with the sweet swivel ball mechanism.
either or.

so now you know...

lyrics: why do we race when everyday we're running in circles? such a funny way to fall.

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