August 31, 2007

i am kate.

i am kate.

or katie.
or sometimes katie claire.
it honestly does not matter.
it's whatevs.

i am short.
i am a cosmetologist and makeup artist.
my natural hair color blows.
i love art.
i am married to my best friend.
(in the san diego, california LDS temple)
his name is garrett.
or garre.
or husband.
i often call him Beeser and i don't even know where it came from.
i suffer from depression.
i take prozac.
that's life. i deal.
i eat peanut butter from the jar on a daily basis.
i hate running.
i love sarcasm.
i make weird faces and use weird voices.
i quote movies in most conversations i have.
i would rather take a bubble bath with my great uncle than be near a roach.
i know very little about politics.
i do my best to only eat organic/natural foods.
i eat, breathe and sleep music.
i live my life in jeans and t shirts.
if i could i would nearly always have my nose in a book.
i love laughing.
i love colors.
i love singing in my car.
i am a harry potter fanatic.
(and according to Pottermore, i'm a Hufflepuff.)
i have a severely addictive personality.
i cannot whistle. at all.
like, not even a little.
i believe in correct spelling and knowing the difference between there, their and they're.
i believe in wearing make up.
i love puppies.
i have never seen an R rated movie.
hugging a bear is my number one bucket lister.
i like telling stories.
i got best smile and best eyes and no prom date in high school.
i don't even...whatever.
i don't know how to take a nap that isn't at least 3 hours long.
i want to be fluent in sign language.
so far..i only know one semester's worth.
i am a crafty diy-er.
i really am no one special.
but i think i have a few good things to say.


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