July 23, 2014


i swear my recent hiatus from blogging was not due to the irrefutable neglect that has been in times past. big things happened in my family and i took three separate trips back down to Savannah (8 hour drive there and back, nbd.) to 

1) celebrate/attend garrett's graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design  
2) help my mom spruce up  (read: paint, clean, organize, rearrange furniture, hang pictures/mirrors/shelves) the house she and my dad have been trying to sell for like a year and a half or something. and
3) to spend some time with my family over the 4th of July weekend. 

i'll probably go into further detail about each one of those events at later times, but for right now just know that i was pretty busy and 100% without internet each time i was in Savannah. and that made blogging difficult. 

what made it even more difficult is that one day while i was in savannah (the second trip) i even attempted to go somewhere with free wifi so that i could get some blogging/quality pintreresting done. but my computer charger nearly caught on fire while i was there and it for reasons i still don't totally understand, the charger completely fried and thus stopped charging my computer. it was frustrating. and i only just got my new charger a few days ago. 

my life is weird, man. 

but with a brand new charger and a semi-settled down life i am attempting to organize my thoughts/stories/pictures for future posts. i've got my fingers crossed on getting back to regular blogging. but just incase my finger crossing isn't enough you should probably cross yours too. 

in the mean time, here is an underexposed (semi-remedied) picture of me holding a chicken. 

told you it was a weird life.


  1. Haha! Your life is always cray cray and I love it!

  2. that random picture with a chicken will do!