April 24, 2013

well this is disjointed.

....and this is our life as of lately:

garrett has informed me that getting the internship was his job. finding a place to live is mine.
so no pressure.

but seriously. you would be surprised how difficult it is to find a place that fits all of our qualifications. cheap. close to downtown Salt Lake. pet friendly. furnished. month to month/summer only. allows couples. okay. so maybe you wouldn't be surprised. but whatever.

i feel needy. i hate being needy. but this situation just sort of forces us to be.

needless to say, my craiglist/ksl finds have been less that fruitful. but i did find this awesome offer on craigslist. and it was just so creepy i had to take a screenshot.

maybe we can dress garrett up like a lady (what's up Mrs. Doubtfire?!) and convince this man he needs/wants TWO roommates to live there for free. because 6'4 women are super easy to come by, he will naturally believe that garrett is a woman.. and then the lonely/respectable guy, no longer lonely but still respectable, will cook us all dinner. but i won't eat it. because i'm pretty sure it would be girl/student burgers. 

too far?

but he's the one who turned up the creep to full blast.

gilly has been going on awesome walks lately. i've been trying to take her every day while the weather is still nice. it's good for both of us to get out of the house. and i'm trying to get her used to the idea of walking since i have a feeling we will be doing a lot of it once we're in utah this summer.

i tried to take a picture of her walking this morning. but just as i got to my camera on my phone, she stopped and popped a squat right on top of someone's shrubbery. 

it wasn't the picture i was going for, but whatever. i'll take what i can get. and the picture doesn't do it justice. she was on that bad boy. little tinkle queen.

in other gilly news, and much to our excitement, gilly howled for the first time ever a few days ago. garrett was getting dressed. i was still in bed. gilly was looking out the open window. a sirens sounded somewhere in the distance of the ghetto. (we have cop/ambulance/fire truck sirens go by our street all the time, btw. all. the. time.) and for some reason, gilly decided to mimic the sounds of the sirens. and she howled. straight up howled like a wolf. i was so caught up in my excitement that i wasn't fast enough getting my phone. so the video i got is just of garrett trying to get her to mimic his sounds. and you can tell she's just not feeling it as much. maybe one day i'll get her real howl. and your joy will be as full as mine.

until then, watch this video of my sweet babe making funny noises as her neck overfloweth her collar. 

seriously, how do you not love? maybe i should send this video to every place in utah that doesn't allow pets and be like hey lady! she's the cutest thing ever and she yodels. why would you not welcome this pup into your home and onto your bed?

anyways, other than my daily routine of cleaning, exercising, hair doing and blog designing, i don't have much else to report. 

but what more do you really need to know other than that i have a dog that sits on bushes and could do the commercials for Ricola? 



lyrics: sing me something soft, sad and delicate or loud and out of key, sing me anything.

PS! i almost forgot! if you want to join me and some really fantastic ladies in a new weekly link up that i've created, please do. it's called The Truth About...and it's a link up where we spill the beans and get real and honest and probably a little bit humorous. we're starting the link up with The Truth About My Body...it sounds creepy. but i promise it's not. what are all of your weird body quirks? do you have a birth mark shaped like a heart? a strange medical condition? are you double jointed? can you raise one eyebrow? we want to know! so join us! 


  1. Hahaha love that video! So excited for this link up because my body is incredibly weird. When is it going to be?? So cool!

  2. HAH can you please train my dogs to do that! Also..what a creep on that craigslist ad! He is trying to go all Chrstian Grey with a side of crazy-ier!

  3. a) you always have the best lyrics. love staylight run. b) I LOVE creepin' around craigslist to find the most random postings. it's perfect he wanted a pic too. what a creepo, who does that?! too funny. good luck in the search!

  4. Excited about your linkup. Laughing at the CL post.

  5. Um... that guy is creepy!!!! Have you guys looked in Bountiful or NSL for apartments? That's only about 10-15 minutes from Downtown and there are A LOT of apartments in the area. I know that mine, Windgate in Bountiful, allows pets, couples, and I THINK you can sign for just month to month or three to four months, at least, they give us that option every time we resign. E-mail me if you want more info! I've been trying to think of others in the area that I know have that option. I had a friend who needed just a summer apartment about a year ago but I can't remember who it was or where they went.

  6. you are funny. i'm sure you will find somewhere awesome. that boy is totally creepy but i'm glad you almost considered making it work because i would have.

    love straylight run, high school/early college fave. :)

  7. That is seriously one of the creepiest Craigslist ads I've seen. Also, I wish I would have known earlier about the internship, you could have totally lived in our duplex and our doggies could play together! (Does that sound creepy?)
    I'll keep an eye and ear out for places around here :)

    p.s. Straylight Run takes me baaaack!

  8. Pahahahah I'm laughing so hard. He really did turn the creep on full blast. Oh my goshhhhh. Good luck finding a place!

  9. craigslist has an interesting crowd... oh dear!