April 8, 2013

boys don't make passes...

in 6th grade, the boy who sat next to me in homeroom looked at me one day and, with all the sensitivity and thoughtfulness a 12 year old boy can muster, said, "whoa. you have scary eyes." 
caught off guard, i replied, "..what? how..?" 
"your eye color is weird lookin'. it's scary."

he and i had sat next to each other for a number of months, and surely he had seen my eyes before that moment. i mean, we sat inches from each other and it was my EYE BALLS for crying out loud. but for whatever reason, he chose that day to provide the insecure,12 year old me with yet another thing for which to be self-conscious. because braces, budding acne, baby fat and partially grown out bangs weren't enough. (and no, i did not plan that perfect alliteration.)

now i had to think about my scary eyes, too. 

i spent the entire day trying to figure out how to deal with this new issue of scary eyes. the solution i found was easy. colored contacts. 

the only not easy part was that i didn't have bad vision. so convincing my parents i needed contacts at all would be difficult. unless i faked it. and fake it i did. 

i told my mom i needed to get my eyes checked. fortunately, she and my dad both wore glasses, so the likelihood of me having impaired vision wasn't too far fetched. before i knew it, i was at the eye doctor, squinting to read the eye chart in front of me. 
wait..was i actually squinting? that's weird. 
what was that letter? was it a D or an O? or was it a G? 
hmm..this was curious. curse those roundish letters. 
why couldn't i see them?

it was all very odd.
and within the hour i had an actual prescription. 
and astigmatism. 
and an actual need for vision assistance. 
and yes, i got colored contacts. 
i picked green. 
and then blue. and then turquoise. 
i ran the gamut of colored contact options for some time. and then i was over it. and i was like dude, scary eyes or not, i'm sick of being told i have beautiful eyes and then having to admit that they're not real.

so i switched to regular old, non-colored contacts. 
and i started occasionally wearing my glasses out in public. not just around my house as i was getting ready for bed.
and wouldn't you know, i got complimented on my glasses just as much as i did on my fake eye color. 
and these scary eyes of mine received the "best eyes" senior superlative in high school. so you can stick that in your pipe and smoke it, 6th grade boy.

i liked wearing glasses. and i've actually had quite a few pairs in my day. (unlike my best friend who has had the same ones since like 7th grade and they make her look like she's 13 when she wears them and i just love it so much.)the last pair i got was nearly 3 years ago. and since then, my prescription has changed. twice. 
and those bad boys got the snot scratched out of them.
but they were all i had. and i couldn't afford to get a new pair. 
so when the fine people of Firmoo emailed me and asked if i would be willing to share some information about their company on my blog in exchange for a free pair of glasses, i nearly jumped for joy. 

okay, maybe i actually did jump for joy. whatever.
but here's the deal. 
they're great. in every single way, Firmoo is great.
the glasses are affordable.
there's a large variety to choose from. 
and they're all really cute.

and guess what.
you can get your first pair free, too.
amazing, right?

(also, keep in mind that even if your vision doesn't blow, you can still get a pair-sans prescription. and you should. because glasses are fun accessories to have.) 

so go to Firmoo and order a pair now. you won't regret it. promise. 


lyrics: now i've got you in my sights.

...and the bloopers. told you i was weird.


  1. hahah love the new glasses. I have been trying to figure out what pair I am going to get and I can't decide!

    yea you are weird. :) but so am I! Hope you had a good weekend!

  2. You're seriously so cute. love you lots.

  3. That story is so funny and I think you just might be part rockstar. You look SO GOOD in those glasses, like why don't you just drop what you're doing right now and go be a glasses model.

  4. Freakin middle school boys. Geez. Those glasses are super cute on you, you look gorgeous as always!! xoxo

  5. They look so good on you!


  6. those glasses are too cute! my first stint with contacts was in 7th grade. i had to have hard ones and the eye doc put both of them in the same eye and then didnt believe when i questioned him and said it hurt. me being the neewb in the world of contacts couldn't get them out so i had to sit with them in one eye until he finally came back to check in on me to see how they were fitting. #traumatizing

  7. my glasses are pretty ridiculous, and they do make me look 13. Perhaps that's why i keep them. Peter pan complex rubbing off on me?

  8. Hahah that kid was a dummy. If only he saw you now, you flawless lady!

    P.S.: You make me want to go to cosmetology school.

  9. You do know that when a 12 year old boy says something stupid (ok, that's repetitive)to you that he's just trying to tell you that you are pretty, right?

    My first week in college I saw this girl with the most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen on a girl in my life. My heart melted. A brown haired girl with blue eyes...it was the first week of college and I had found the perfect girl for me. So I asked her out. She said yes. ...then we're on our first date, and sitting across each other at dinner, and she has brown eyes. What??? So I ask her about this. Turns out I must not have been "Blue eye worthy." I felt like she had deceived me. I was a shallow 18 year old freshman boy...and she was not the one for me after all. All that said, I love colored contacts!

  10. You are the cutest. Go girl for having a blog sponsors! That is exciting and probably my dream in blog life. I feel your middle school pain girlfriend. When I was in 6th grade, all 87 pounds of me ( rough estimate) the boy that I had a crush on was sitting next to me in class and looked at me and said, "your calls are huge." ( they were smoothed up against the leg of the chair, in my defense). That really did a lot for my self-esteem. Love your outtakes. Specially bottom center. Love being bloggy friends!