October 23, 2012

cotton candy

this weekend was an eventful one.
insomuch that i slept a lot of sunday and the better part of monday.

i attended (much to my chagrin) my high school's homecoming game with jackie and our husbands. for a brief second i actually thought it would be fun to go, and then i remembered 
1)how much i hated high school 2)how much fun i didn't have at football games when i was in high school 3)that i actually got hit in the head by a football once at one of the games i attended. but my sister was in town and for whatever reasons that still mostly escape me, we went and supported our alma mater.

...and yes, when i passed the cool kid section of the bleachers-with the perfectly skinny girls with their perfectly shiny hair that hasn't yet begun to show the consequences of heat damage and cheap shampoo-i felt that pang of awkward inadequacy. and in that moment, i would have rather put my leg in a meat grinder than have to be anywhere near high school ever again.

(no, it's not your computer that's cutting these faces off.
it's my brother in law's photography skillz.)

that's better. post game picture. 

i, along with my sisters, mom and grandmother, attended a surprise 70th birthday party for a lady we have known since our family moved to savannah. she is the mother of our "adopted" sister, heather. i haven't seen heather for over 2 years and it was really just so great to see her and to celebrate her mom's birthday.

(me, jackie, heather, brenna and libby)
after the party we headed back to my parent's house to take pictures of my new niece, libby. we had a time trying to get the lighting right but we got it for a few pictures. 

and then after a little down time, the whole family headed to the (wait for it....) richmond hill seafood festival. yes. you read that right. it was redneck on a stick. and 50 shades of greasy. after attending once while i was in middle school, i swore i would never go again. it just wasn't my thang, you know. so again, much to my chagrin, i went to the seafood festival. everyone figured that since my parents are moving to utah, and since savannah won't be home for very much longer we really don't have much time to get our redneck on and go to things like festivals dedicated to sea food. and as it turns out, having your family and husband with you makes things a lot more fun. we ate yummy food, the kids got to go on fun rides and my grandmother-the woman who shops at Coach and Ralph Lauren the way i shop at Target and Walmart-ate a butt load of cotton candy. win!

(there's a double rainbow over my face. what does it mean??)

sunday was relaxed. heather and her sister came over and we got to talk and visit. i really have missed heather so much and i'm really so happy i got to see her.

yesterday was uneventful. 
i seriously mostly slept. and pinned. and cuddled gilly. 


lyrics: and i'm sorry that it shows, but life ain't so bad, you know.


  1. Ok seriously...that picture of Modey is killing me! And p.s. ..your hair?! So long! Love you!

  2. i am loving your hair these days. and missing you.