April 15, 2012


i should be doing like 3 millions other things.
so naturally, i'm blogging.

and all i really have to say is that i watched Mean Girls last night (by myself). 

and honestly, it never ceases to disappoint.
you know what else never disappoints? 
any other movie being incorporated with Mean Girls quotes. 

it used to be Harry Potter. 

like this:

bahahaha. every. single. time.

but  a few days ago my friend Grace sent me a link to a website. 
upon opening the link, the first words i saw were 
 "Get In Loser, We're Going to the Capitol".
 and i knew it was going to be a good day.

yes, it's Hunger Games meets Mean Girls.
i had no idea life could be this good.

for example:


get it? because his dad's a baker...
or this:

get it? because peeta is awesome.
or this:

oh, buddy. it's too good. be sure to take a gander at the whole website. 
it will be worth wasting the time you should have spent doing the other 3 million things you ought to be doing.

oh wait no. 
that's just me.

you're welcome.


ps. be sure to see this frequently on the blog from here on out.

lyrics: every day is so wonderful. then suddenly it's hard to breathe.


  1. Just had to let you know.......that I read your post about the guy who peed on your house (which I am sorry by the way, that is so stupid) and I totally had a straight up creepy dream about it. I was at your house and I was doing something at the sink, and the guy was there, and I was like "what are you doing!" and I was about to get even more angrier, but he looked so scared and he was shaking soooo bad.. and we def made eye contact, and then I walk into your room and a huge banner with my moms email address is hanging up on the wall haha...that would be crazy if her email address was really in your room haha, yeah I know I have weird dreams, happens every night hah, love you!

  2. Haha I love this!! Mean Girls is the bestttt and Hunger Games and Harry Potter are my favorites.