July 27, 2011

forgive me.

oh i am so happy that people are actually starting to comment and enter the giveaway.
apparently not everyone is as blogger savvy as i assume they are.
forgive my tomfoolery. let me explain.
on the right hand side of this blog there is a box that looks something like this

(i have not a single clue as to who those people are. i just google imaged it. but bless their hearts for helping me with my visuals)

click on the top left button that says "follow". then follow the rest of the instructions.
easy peasy.

next, at the end of each blog post there is, in a different color (maybe it's too hard to read?), a link that says "spray painted". click on that if you have any desire to comment.

sidenote: i love comments. love them. hope for them often. get them rarely. please leave your thoughts or opinions in the comment box.

i hope that helps you some.
i do apologize for just assuming you dears knew what you were doing.

so go ahead and enter yourself if you haven't already.



  1. HOLA mi amiga! I am leaving my comment on which print is my fav fav! It is: the dumbledore quote about "It mattes not what someone is born....etc"


  2. p.s. i put it on FB...as you will find out since you are tagged.

  3. I like the ABC picture...I think it might be the teacher in me! I want one for my classroom!