August 14, 2010

refined valley dude.

day seven.

[i didn't do this yesterday. we're over it.]

post a youtube video i find funny.

naturally, i thought about doing the most recent youtube video i watched.

hide ya kids. hide ya wife.

and then i thought maybe i would go back to when my love for youtube started.

the grape lady.

but then i decided on one i would laugh at no matter how many times i watch it.

one that i could/will quote for the rest of my life.

one that embodies everything i find hilarious.

the 1980's dating video montage.

after watching it 3 times in a row you probably won't be able to stop laughing.

"i'm interested in most phases of data processing."



ps. i miss grace.

lyrics: don't wish it away,don't look at it like it's forever.between you and me,i could honestly say that things can only get better.

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